An amazing source of help, support, advice and way of meeting new friends to socialise with whom all have similar circumstances. Thanks to SEND Carers for all their hard work, time and sensitivity.

Samantha Ratcliffe

Sometimes just needing to have a rant and not be judged or criticised in any way. I have had moments where I don't know if I'm doing the right thing with my little man and can guarantee I get advice off the lovely members on here.

Joanne Marchant

Having one pair of ears to listen to you is great but having lots is amazing and they all just get it which helps more than anything. This group fills in lots of gaps and there is always someone about if you need anything from advice to a good old rant. This site is a blessing to many and glad it was created.

Sarah Clow

Send carers is somewhere u can turn to when u are feeling lost. There is always someone to listen to you when others wouldn't. A great group of friends who are there to support you through the tough times and the great times.

Gemma Wells

I am so glad I found the SEND group, I don't feel so isolated. The members are lovely and non-judgemental, it is somewhere you can go to vent or ask for advice from others going through similar situations.

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